On Seeing In Photography

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I’ve mentioned in an older post that ”seeing”, really seeing what you’re looking at, is an essential skill for a photographer. For any visual artist in fact. Some people may have been born with it, while some may struggle. No fancy equipment can compensate for its lack though. The good news is that you can train it, as any art student can tell you.

And this is not something you’d turn on and off; it’ll change the way you look and see the world. For example, this black & white abstract photo ...


… converted from this.


It’s part of a sun screen structure on a terace in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Marrakech. 

We’ve been away for ten days in Marrakech, on vacation. I didn’t plan on any photo projects, but I always have a camera and a couple of lenses with me, even on vacation. As you know, the best camera is the one that you have with you. 

We’ve arrived early at the hotel, courtesy of Edelweiss and favorable winds, and the hotel offered us a suite with a terrace and a pool to freshen up and relax while the villa we had booked was being cleaned up.

 As soon as I stepped out on the terrace and saw this pergola, I knew it would make a perfect abstract photograph. I can’t help it. My husband was checking the view, trying the pool and ordering drinks, and the only thing  on my mind was to figure out the best angle for the composition I had in mind.

I’ve ended up spending the remaining hours taking a lot of pictures, from various angles, while my husband did what we were supposed to do on this trip: relax.

But in the end it was worth it.

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