Back to School

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Most people are now back to school or work … me too! Quite a shock to get up earlier in the morning, let me tell you, even for an early bird like me. I thought I’ve heard a collective sigh actually, so I’m not alone! I was mentally prepared but I was still overwhelmed when I opened my e-mail inbox; some thousand e-mails in three weeks! Why wasn’t everybody on vacation I ask? Is this some conspiracy against people who go on vacation? ”On vacation for weeks? Let’s send you some e-mails to show you we’ve missed you”. To add insult to injury, it started raining as soon as I got up. Minette, who had came in for a pit stop, jumped on the couch and promptly went to sleep.

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At lunch I laced my walking shoes and out of the door I went, to get some fresh air, stretch myself and, honestly, get away from those e-mails, even for a few minutes. Had the camera with me to distract myself. It has started to look a lot like autumn already which was a bit disheartning. Or maybe it was the thousand e-mails, who knows?

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It’s always so good to go out even for a short walk, it makes a great difference when working all day (and well into evening). It had rained in the morning and the air was fresh and crisp, perfect for a stroll.

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I just love the way the rain drops glitter in the sun, don’t you?

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The light at the end of the tunnel ha, ha! Did you also go back to school or work? Fared any better? Feel free to share!

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