Best of Australia: Part Three

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As promised, here comes "Best of Australia: Part Three", featuring the Sydney Chinese Garden.

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The Chinese Garden of Friendship is situated in the Darling Harbour, close to the Chinatown. The garden is modeled on the typical gardens of the Ming Dynasty. Above - the Dragon Wall.

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A lizard in the garden, not at all shy to pose.

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One can rent traditional Chinese costumes, as the two girls above did. They looked beautiful in those costumes, and spent the afternoon taking pictures of themselves in different spots in the garden.

Entering the garden is like stepping back in time in the quiet solitude of Chinese architecture.

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You can spend a relaxing afternoon in the garden with a good book, sipping the heavenly jasmine tea served in a traditional Chinese Teahouse overlooking the lake and watching the sparrows that are on the lookout for crumbs.

Chinese Garden, Sydney

The garden was designed by Sydney's Chinese sister city Guangzhou and opened in 1988 as part of the Sydney's bicentennial celebrations. It was named Garden of Friendship symbolizing the bond established between China and Australia.

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Here are the young girls again, taking photos on the small bridge.

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Frangipani flowers - I love them!

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And here are the girls again in a different part of the garden, comparing the photos on their mobile phones.

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You cannot see the whole garden from any point within the garden.

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The bonsai collection.

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The garden depicts the wild aspects of nature with water features and beautiful trees and flowering plants.

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