Day 11 of 365

Day 11 of 365

Day 11 of my "365 Daysproject. Introducing Mr. Ducky.

Meet Mr. Ducky - well traveled, opinionated, bon vivant and superstar wannabe. He wasn't supposed to show up in this "serious" blog about photography and literature. He had instead an own "Mr. Ducky's Adventures" set on Flickr, and he's pretty popular there.

But of course he can't keep away from the spot light and pestered me to let him guest star in this blog every now and then. And he's so cute when he swears that he'll behave on flights in the future (don't even start asking why!) and that he won't taunt the cat anymore (ha!) that I reluctantly agreed. I'm likely to pay for it sooner or later but I couldn't refuse. He's very sweet when he really wants.

Now he just learned I'm going to South Africa and of course such a well known traveller as himself really has to come along. If we're lucky, the Lufthansa crew on the Johannesburg flight isn't aware of the "Iceland Air incident", during Mr. Ducky's first transatlantic flight to Seattle!

Stay tunned for further adventures! Things simply just happen when Mr. Ducky is around.

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