Day 152 of 365


Day 152 of my "365 Days" project. Akademibokhandeln, Stockholm.

Akademibokhandeln on Master Samuel Street in Stockholm was once the largest bookstore in Scandinavia. With the increased online sales and the growing  e-books business, the Akademibokhandel group doesn't do very well and the store has shrinked considerably since its golden years. This is my second home more or less, even if I rarely buy books there anymore. But I love being surrounded by books, browse through books I had no idea I was interested in and have a cup of coffee while reading the latest magazines for free in the café.

And, as the book nerd I am, I just love  this wallpaper in the media corner 😃. Not that I'm in need of one, my house IS wallpapered with real books, from floor to ceiling.

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