Day 153 of 365

IMG 6815

Day 153 of my "365 Days" project. Peony bud.

Yeah, I know I've said I'd restrain myself and not post flowers shots so often, but just see how the weather works against me! The weather has become HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE!!! Raining cats and dogs since last evening, and looking like it'll continue this way for several days. Add a chilling to the bone-wind and only 10º C (50º F), and you'll understand that I didn't feel like going out and scouting for new photos. Instead, I walked one meter from the front door and shot a peony bud that was bravely fighting the cold, the raind and the wind.

This happens every year, more or less. The rains start in June and continue until all peonies lie battered on the ground. Sometimes I manage to save some by simply cutting and arranging them in vases indoors, but of course they won't live as long as in the garden. Either way, it breaks my heart. Let's hope that this year it'll be better, stranger things have happened, right?

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