Day 155 of 365

Edvard Andesron Conservatory

Day 155 of my "365 Days" project. Edvard Anderson Conservatory.

The weather continues to be MISERABLE. We gave up today and went to the Edvard Anderson Conservatory at the Bergian Botanic Garden (Bergianska Trädgården)  in Stockholm. Lots of exotic flowers, palms and a nice café - perfect on such a miserable day!

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The conservatory, located next to the Bergian Botanic Garden, was built and opened in June 1995.

Edvard Anderson had left his glazing business to the Bergius Foundation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in his will for creating and maintaining of a "winter garden (orangery), where only trees, shrubs and herbs of the Mediterranean area, and of those areas having comparable climates, are to be cultivated". The public would there be able to enjoy the plantings and the display of flowers and colours all the year round.

The project includes areas open to the public, as well as modern nurseries for efficient raising and care of the plant material. Special rooms, run by the University of Stockholm, have been added to house the garden's collections of tropical and subtropical plants.

Edvard Anderson was born in Stockholm in 1865. He started as an employee in a glazing firm, and set up as a wholesale dealer in that business in 1898. He died in 1936.

It seems that his interest in trees, shrubs and herbs was genuine and that he used to travel to southern Europe to enjoy the climate and the flora. He was also a frequent visitor of the Bergius Botanic Garden.

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