Day 169 of 365

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Day 169 of my "365 Days" project. Any means are allowed for taking that perfect photo.

Street Musicians, Vienna

Street musicians on Kärtner Strasse, the shopping street. They can usually be seen during the week-ends, and the music quality is impressive. Many of them are music students.

IMG 8916

A fiaker ride is a very tourist thing to do in Vienna. Here in Hofburg, one the imperial residences.

Fiakers were once used as daily means of transportation in Vienna, but today they have become a very popular tourist attraction. There are even "Romantic Fiaker" tours, or wedding and event rides.

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IMG 7491

IMG 8908

The horses and the carriages are all very well groomed.

IMG 9622

A fiaker driver takes a nap between rides.

IMG 8953

During the week-ends, the parks of Vienna fill with people sun-bathing or just relaxing.

IMG 8370

Fellow photographers during a photo walk, here on Kärtner Strasse.

IMG 8250

The icecream is the reward after a full work day in the heat!

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