Day 178 of 365

Queue Ticket, Nummerlapp, Kölapp

Day 178 of my "365 Days" project. Queue tickets (nummerlapp in Swedish).

One of the very Swedish things is the queue ticket system that can be seen everywhere: at post offices, pharmacies, police stations, hospitals, drugstores, Systembolaget, train stations, and so on. 

How it works: you pull your little yellow ticket from the red dispenser and wait for your turn that is announced through electronic panels scattered here and there through the room, especially for larger spaces. If there are more than one counter e.g. at the pharmacy or the post office, the counter number serving you will also be listed: "Number 45, Counter 3". This way, nobody can go before you in the line, all very democratic and fair, in the Swedish spirit. People attempting to skip the line are frowned upon, given the evil eye and sometimes even strongly talked to (Swedes tend to avoid conflicts, and altercations are rare; the evil eye is more common vs. squabbling).

Very often people would go do other things while they keep an eye on the panel to see when their number is up - e.g. browse other departments in the store, or go buy other products in other areas of the store.

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