Day 241 of 365

Parthenocissus vitacea, Parthenocissus inserta, Thicket Creeper, False Virginia Creeper, Woodbine, Grape Woodbine, Vildvin

Day 241 of my "365 Days" project. Thicket Creeper (Parthenocissus inserta or Parthenocissus vitacea), vildvin in Swedish.

Also known under the names False Virginia Creeper, Woodbine, or Grape Woodbine. It is a prolific climber, reaching heights of 20-30 meters in the wild. Most of them turn spectacular shades of red in the autumn. It is a good choice if you, say, need a pergola covered in no time and beautiful in the autumn sun.

No, this is not from my garden, even though I wouldn't mind to have one too. I snapped this in the neighborhood.

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