Day 78 of 365

IMG 5804 Snapseed

Day 78 of my "365 Days" project. Crocodile on a sandbank.

It has started snowing again and the spring seems to be far away again. Crocuses and snowdrops have coocooned themselves and wait for the sunny days. I did the same and stayed indoors.

Once again a macro shot: a crocodile made of tigereye stone. I bough it in the Natural History Museum in Vienna, one of my favorites when in Vienna. The building is a magnificent one, build in the neoclassic style and with splendid decorations; the collections are vaste and the shop a very good one indeed.

IMG 5354

IMG 5462

The building of Natural History Museum, Vienna

IMG 5389

IMG 5413
Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Egyptian Collection

IMG 5481

IMG 5486

The Roman Collection

IMG 5568

IMG 5565

Natural History Museum, Vienna

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