Day 84 of 365

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Day 84 of my "365 Days" project. Primula in the making.

The garden is waking up. First were the snowdrops and crocuses; now the primulas have started popping up. This will become a drumstick primula (primula denticulata). I love their colour orgy when in bloom. I started with three plants a few years ago, and since then they have spread everywhere. 

It's so thrilling to see new plants popping up here and there in the garden! I'm not rigid about my garden, and even though I have a plan in the beginning, I let the plants grow where they want. They grow best when they can choose their place, and unless they threaten to take over existing plants, I don't move them. This is also a very good method of getting new plants for new flower beds. I always find there's room for one more bed.

IMG 4243

IMG 4245

IMG 8633



IMG 4442

And this is how the little rosette will look like in a couple of weeks! Butterflies and bumble-bees love them. 

I always make sure that I pick plants that insects love when planning new flowers beds. Insects are very useful in the garden. They help pollination and provide food for smal animals and birds; birds eat noxious insects that usually attack plants. Insects and birds are also very pleasant, the whole garden hums with life, and it's such a bliss to be outdoors a fine summer day! Only two months to go!

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