Friday Favorites

Fall Colors by Mihaela Limberea

Hi there! I can’t believe it’s Friday again. How has your week been? 

Monday was a holiday in our canton (Zurich) so I had a short week, yay! Spent the day relaxing - managed to go out for a walk (gorgeous weather!) and take a few photos, and then parked myself on the couch with Minette (the tabby) and Star Trek (The Next Generation). OK, OK, and some chocolate (which is, as you surely know, required when watching your favorite show). 

In case you were wondering, all the cantons in Switzerland have their own holidays. Most of them are common to the whole country, such as Christmas or the National Day August 1st. But then there are some days that are holidays in one canton, but not in another. So my husband, who is not working in canton Zurich as I do (holiday) but Schaffhausen (ordinary day), had to work on Monday. Tough luck. Schaffhausen has actually the fewest holidays in the whole Switzerland.

Anyway, now that you’re updated on Swiss holidays, here are my favorite things found on the web this week.

Favorite IllustrationTasty food for Dixy by Catzwolf Integrated on Behance. You can see this and other lovely illustrations on Catzwolf’s page on Behance.

Favorite Wildlife Shot: Red Smile by Natalia Nazarova. How cute isn’t this fox? This must brighten your Friday! You can see more of Natalia Nazarova’s wildlife photography on her 500PX gallery.

Favorite Balloon Art: this orange peacock by Japanese artist Masayoshi  Matsumoto. So cute! You can see more of his balloon sculptures in his Facebook gallery.

Stone Fruits with Honey-Drizzled Soft Cheeses and Toasted Almonds Recipe   Martha Stewart

Favorite Breakfast: this light cheese-and-fruit course from Martha Stewart! So yummy and easy! 

And yes, I used to watch Marta Stewart too, complete with cat and chocolate :-). Got some of her books too. I know, nerd level … anyway, that was all for today, folks! Have a great week-end!

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