Golden Light & A New Start


Don’t you just love that liquid gold light of a late summer evening? My husband and I went for a walk yesterday evening. I had been writing all day and was quite stiff, hence the walk. I hadn’t planned on bringing the camera (enough work for one day), but at the last moment I grabbed the camera. Who knew what I could find, right?




And voilà! The most wonderful golden light … and, unexpectedly, no people to walk into my frame. My husband was not as excited though. What started like one of our regular walks transformed somehow into a photo expedition. Which means no conversation or normal pace is possible since I’d be completely wrapped in my own world and would just run back and forth to find the perfect angle, the best light and so on … you get the idea. I’ve promised him we’d go for a nice walk tonight, and I will not bring the camera. I didn’t say anything about the mobile phone though ...


Well, so that was the golden light. What about the new start I was hinting about in the title? Am I moving to Zanzibar and open a yoga studio? Start painting? Open an animal shelter?


Nothing so radical, even though I wouldn't swear about taking up painting or the animal shelter (maybe in the future). I’m just ready for a new start, really ready. I feel I’m in a good place right here, right now. 

As you’ve probably noticed, I was really gone this last year - I can see now that I was really close to hitting the wall. I’ve been working a lot, too much in fact, and the new book I was working on was slow moving. Or not moving at all eventually. In the end I was so fed up with everything that I didn’t have any energy left and I couldn’t care less about my job, my book, photography, friends, trips … you name it. In a way it was a good pause as now I’m really hungry again, hungry for new experiences, new trips, new books ...


Yep, I’m working on a new book. I’ve decided to put the other one on hold as it requires too much effort at the moment, probably two to three years as I have to do a lot of research. This one should be done in about one year; my goal is to have a first revised draft by September next year.

I don’t feel ready to talk about it at this stage yet, I’ve just started (five thousands words so far) and I want to be sure which way I’m going. I’m so excited!!! About the new book, about the blog, new photo projects … it’s good to be back. I’ve missed you, guys!

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