iPhotography II

IMG 6327

Continuing the theme from yesterday, I wanted to show more photos taken with an iPhone; this time the kind of photos most people would take on vacation. After all, not everyone is into artsy photos; some people are fine with nice vacation shots.

IMG 7929

IMG 6323

These are some of our vacation shots from Fregate Island in the Seychelles this summer.

IMG 1099

IMG 1221

All photos in this post are taken with an iPhone X and the only processing is using the phone's auto-enhance function i.e. what most people would do with their images. No filters, no post-processing.

IMG 1741

In full light there’s hardly any need for any further  processing, unless you’ve taken a fancy to one filter or another.

IMG 1588

Using the portrait mode: nice background blur, pretty good for portraits, but not only as you can see here.

IMG 4535

IMG 6358 2

Using the panorama mode - not bad!

IMG 6329

One of the rare shots with me in it. You know, the shoemaker’s children …luckily, not a bad hair day!

IMG 1845

IMG 1079

IMG 6434

Some animal photos. The last one, the lizard, would have been better with a blurred background (using the portrait mode), but animals usually don’t wait until you set up your camera. You shoot or you lose it.  Overall, not bad considering animals rarely pose.

IMG 1913

IMG 6519

And lastly, two photos in low light - taken at 6am and 6pm. All phone cameras struggle on these conditions of course. But in  this size for a a photo album, Facebook or Instagram they are perfectly fine.

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