The Photography School: How to create your own artistic wallpaper

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With all the eDevices out there there's no short supply of wallpapers to suit all tastes. However, you may want to have an unique wallpaper, that's yours and yours only and that isn't a picture of your wife/husband/kid(s), pet(s) or latest vacation spot. There's of course nothing wrong with that, but in most cases they would clutter your desktop with their many details. Let's see how you can transform a "normal" shot into a piece of art to show off. Look closely at the image above ...

IMG 9824

… and now look at the original image. The first one works better as a wallpaper,  doesn't it? The pattern is still recognizible but, without all the details shown very sharp, it works better as a background.

How To Create An Artistic Wallpaper

1) Look up any subject (object, landscape, nature, etc.) that doesn't have too many patterns or colours. Tastes are different so simply used something you like!

2) Compose your image carefully. This is something you will look at very often so take your time!

3) Switch to manual focus (on most lenses, there's a AF/AM button on the lens, AF = auto focus, AM = manual focus) and keep un-focusing the image until it becomes blurred in an interesting way. More important: do you like it or not? Keep trying and shoot several shots with various blur factors. 

4) Upload your newly shot images to your computer and select the best image. 

5) Now you have your very own personal wallpaper!

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