Throwback Thursday: I Miss My Swedish Garden In The Summer

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Time for Part II of My Swedish Garden throwback Thursday - summer!

By the way, if you’re not interested in flowers, don’t scroll down. The only thing you’ll see are even more flowers. Come back tomorrow for a no-flowers post.

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Lavender. Butterflies love it.

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P1050345 - version 2

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Roses. Obviously.

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Peonies. I love peonies, they are my favorite flowers. 

Pink Geranium, Pink Peony, Rosa Pion, Rosa Näva

Garden, Trädgård, Summer Garden, Sommarträdgård, Peonies, Pioner

IMG 0257

Peonies and geraniums.

IMG 2352

More peonies … and salvia.

Pink Daisies

IMG 3296

Pink daisies.

IMG 2500

Dahlia. Do you know that cool pink and violet flowers attract insects? Butterflies and bees for instance. Some beautiful to watch, some very useful in a garden. 

IMG 2515


IMG 6511

African daisies.

IMG 2724


IMG 2474

IMG 2745


Pink African Daisy (Osteospermum)

Hey! Another African daisy.

IMG 2635

Macedonian Scabious. Pretty funny this - in Swedish it is called ”Greek” instead of ”Macedonian”.

IMG 5435

Hmm … more daisies.

IMG 5883

A lone poppy.

IMG 8411


IMG 6527


IMG 5774

Some ”bells”, I don’t remember the type.


Heliotrope. Butterflies love it.



Don’t despair, the fall and the winter garden posts will have fewer photos. But I assume that, if you made it down here, it means that you have at least some interest in gardens / flowers.

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