Throwback Thursday: I Miss My Swedish Garden In The Spring

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I miss the garden we left behind when we moved from Sweden to Switzerland, so for the next four weeks the Throwback Thursday will feature it.

But "why four weeks" you ask. Well, simply because I have so many pictures that I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of them at once. You’re welcome :-)!

Pictured above: helleborus, or Christmas rose. Our used to bloom in March or April. In warmer places they do bloom around Christmas or January/February. 

IMG 0498

Forsythia, forget-me-nots, bleeding hearts (not blooming here), daffodils and primuls (drumstick primrose).


Daffodils and muscari. 

Grape Hyacinth, Muscari botryoides

Grape Hyacinth

Muscari (muscari botryoides). Love them!

IMG 6149

Bleeding hearts.

Crocus, Krokus

Crocus, Krokus

IMG 3905


Pink Cherry Flowers

IMG 1498

Cherry Flowers

Cherry trees in bloom.

Spring in My Garden- Pink Tulip

Pink tulips and forget-me-nots, a classic combination I could never resist. Only beaten (with a small margin) by roses and lavender. 

IMG 4303


IMG 4857

Pansies and geraniums.

IMG 8164

Dwarf lilac. Perfect for small gardens, one to two meters high.

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