Throwback Thursday/Saturday

Tower Bridge with the Olympic Circles, London

Time for throwback Thursday! I know it's actually Saturday, but both last Thursday and the week before I didn't have any time to do this on Thursday, so Saturday will have to do. Today we go back to London and Hampshire.

Above: Tower Bridge, London

London Eye, London

The London Eye


The Tower Bridge

The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, London

The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben.



Gate Details, Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

This is the principal façade, th East Front, originally constructed by Edward Blore and completed in 1850. It acquired its present appearance following a remodeling in 1913 by Sir Aston Webb.

Guard, Sentry, Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace - Queen's Guard. The Queen's Guard and Queen's Life Guard are the contingents of infantry and cavalry soldiers charged with guarding the official royal residences in London. The British Army has regiments of both Horse Guards and Foot Guards and since the reign of King Charles II (1649-1651) these have been responsible for guarding the Sovereign's palaces. They are not purely ceremonial as some may believe, they are real soldiers serving in the army.


The Atrium, Brittish Museum

People relaxing on the lawn, Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace, set in Kensington Gardens in London, is one of the royal residences. The palace has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. The splendid State Apartments and The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, which includes dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales, are open to the public. Kensington's best known resident in recent years was Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) who occupied apartments in the north-west part of the palace from 1981 to 1997.


The National History Museum



The Victoria and Albert Museum, often called V&A. Great museum, lovely garden where you can chill and enjoy the yummy icecream.


Harrods. Shopping heaven. Need I say more?

Kensington, Chelsea Houses, Street, London

Kensington, Chelsea Houses, Street, London (2)


Kensington, Chelsea Houses, Street, London (1)

The streets of Kensington. Lovely houses. Expensive too. Not to mention the (expensive) cars that line the streets.

Mihaela Limberea - Come on, show me the nuts!

Lawn Chairs, Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park, Garden, London, People laying in the sun

Hyde Park, London, on a sunny summer Sunday. The park, which opened to the public in 1637, is the largest of several royal parks in London that are connected to each other, forming one large green lung in the center of the city. 

The other parks are neighboring Kensington GardensGreen Park and St. James's Park. Hyde Park covers more than 142 hectares (360 acres) and hosts many large events, such as celebrations or concerts. The park is also a popular place for jogging, swimming, rowing, picknicking and even horse riding.



The Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire, a restored historic Georgian manor house seamlessly blending English country living with 21st century modernity. If you're out after a peaceful vacation in the English country side, this is the place to go. Nice surroundings, beautiful rooms, great service, lots of activities. Just perfect. 


The Walled Garden is a very beautiful English garden where you can enjoy a good book while sipping a glass of chilled Champagne while the sun sets. Hmmm, you don't really need the book...







IMG 0687


View from the library into the garden.









English country side, so lovely! We were so lucky not to see a single drop of rain. And that's saying something in that country, wouldn't you agree?

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