Cover of Marina Abramovic's book "Walk through walls" featuring a close up of the artist.

I’ve just finished reading Marina Abramovic’s memoir, Walking Through Walls, and I was blown away, even though I’m not a fan of performance art. The book is ghostwritten, but you can clearly hear her voice throughout the whole book – well done indeed. It’s fascinating reading; her whole life is a performance. She truly lives the art. She says somewhere in the book that art shouldn’t be seen as something isolated, holly, and separated from life; art should be a natural part of life. And she lives by that.

After attending Susan Sontag’s funeral in Paris (which very few people attended), she made detailed plans for her own funeral because she wanted that funeral to be her last piece of art. The last performance. I hope not to see it any time soon (she’s 74 years old). All in all, very inspirational. Read it! 

Bonus: watch her TED Talk about performance art An Art Made of Trust, Vulnerability and Connection  (15 minutes) plus 6 Famous Marina Abramović Performances.

Enjoy! I’m off to the garden to plant about 25 kg of spring bulbs. Toil now, enjoy later.

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