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The Most Popular Blog Posts in 2020

Close up of a tabby kitten sleeping on a pillow. Photo by Mihaela Limberea.
“I’m Minette, three months old, and need my sleep.” Our tabby kitten is now almost nine years old.

2020 (finally!) over, I had a look at what people read here on the blog. These are the top ten most popular blog posts, an interesting mix of topics.

As expected, major life changes are always reader magnets – the top three posts are about me, leaving Microsoft after 20+ years to become an artist, and what we now call Covid-19.

The rest is evenly spread on popular culture, life, and photography; basically, what I usually write about on the blog.

This year has been horrible in many ways for the whole world (this planetary scale is mind-bending), but I’m glad that I managed to balance writing about Covid-19 and its widespread consequences and normal topics.

Covid-19 has affected everyone, and it would be strange if this wouldn’t be reflected on the blog. I wouldn’t allow it to dominate the blog, though, as hard as it’s been to go about my life as usual – when nothing was as usual.

Now, without further ado, here’s the top ten most popular blog posts list.

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