What can I say that hasn’t be said already? By now, the coronavirus has impacted the whole world, directly or indirectly. We’ve learned where Wuhan lies (I guess most people couldn’t place it on a map before the beginning of January). We’ve learned that we need to “flatten the curve” and “practice social distancing.” We’ve decided to self-isolate and work from home.

As always in human history, crises bring up the best (young people offering to shop for older people) and the worse (hoarding toilet paper?? really?) in people. This, too, will pass. This, we know. 

But we don’t know what we don’t know, and I think this makes many people nervous at least, or worse, including me. We don’t know much about this novel virus, and there’s no vaccine. The pandemic may be over in a few weeks when it gets warmer in the northern hemisphere, or it may not. It may mutate into something worse. Or not. 

Some countries have closed borders and closed down public life. If the pandemic continues, how long can that lockdown be sustained? What about the economic consequences? Nobody knows.

Here’s a cat photo for you to lighten up this post. You’re welcome! Photo © Mihaela Limberea

So, in the midst of all this, it’s important to remember to pause. Take a deep breath. It’s (probably) not the end of the world, even if the tone on the internet may sound like this at times. 

Remember that the most dangerous thing at the moment is not the virus unless you’re in the risk group, of course, but the overloading of the health care system and other critical infrastructure. Hence “flatten the curve.” Sure, it’s disrupting everyday life, and being stuck at home with bored, overactive children is no fun. But it beats the alternative. Panic. Chaos. We all need to act responsibly for the greater good. 

So … stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay calm and soldier on. And don’t forget to laugh.

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