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Kevin Kelly on making life count, new books, Studio Ghibli artist Kazuo Oga’s painting process, porcupettes (say what?), and much more in The Zone No. 14.

The snow is gone, and the gray is back, but who cares? It’s time for The Zone!

Waltz of Winter, illustration by Jahna Vashti
Jahna Vashti, Waltz of Winter
  • Jahna Vashti is one of my favorite artists, and I just bought this illustration, Waltz of Winter, for my home office. I had it on my wish list for years, and I decided it was time to act.
A glowing green aurora seen from the International Space Station. Photo by NASA Flight Engineer Jack Fischer.
Expedition 52 Flight Engineer Jack Fischer shared photos of a glowing green aurora seen from the International Space Station.
  • A baby porcupine is called a porcupette!
  • Let’s stay in Japan: teamLab‘s new immersive art installation at the Kairakuen Garden is, of course, breath-taking. I’ve seen teamLab’s Planets during our 2018 Japan trip and I would have loved to see this one. Covid-19 put a stop to it. Fingers crossed for the next one.
Close up of a red squirrel eating a peanut. Photo by Mihaela Limberea
Red Squirrel
  • January 21st is the Squirrel Appreciation Day. Here’s a squirrel for you! We have several squirrels visiting our garden (read: raiding the bird-feeders), and this one is the bravest. She’ll tolerate me and my camera within a couple of meters, but only if nuts are exchangins paws.

My Zone

A Quote I’m Pondering

Talent is insignificant. I know a lot of talented ruins. Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck, but, most of all, endurance

James Baldwin, Paris Review Interviews II

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