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Kangaroo Island kangaroo joey at sunset

Warning: cuteness overload! This little joey has got me wrapped around its tiny paw. Just look at those big eyes and fluffy ears! 🦘❤️ And that golden light! I feel so blessed to witness moments like these.

A Kangaroo Island kangaroo female (Macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus) tenderly grooms her suckling joey 😍. Incredibly, the mother kangaroo can carry joeys at different development stages in her pouch. She can also provide different nutritional content milk in her four teats to cater to the various joeys’ ages!

Kangaroo Island kangaroo joey at sunset

This is the same joey as in the first photo. How cute?

All kangaroo photos were taken at the Ecopia Retreat wildlife sanctuary in February 2024.

Red squirrel searching a tree stump

Squirrel on a mission: curiosity never looked so cute! 🐿️💕

Red squirrel standing on a tree stump

Always looking ahead, even when the view seems a little bit nutty 🐿️🌳.

I hope you enjoyed these photos; there are more to come next month.

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